Chuyên gia phẩu thuật thẩm mỹ

A collection of recent reviews by leading industry doctors who work with our products

Dr. Gerhard Sattler,

Rosenpark Klinik, Darmstadt, Germany

“LipoLife allows us to harvest (retrieve?) high quality, viable fat cells quickly and easily for immediate grafting. Its seamless integration with liposuction procedures makes it a convenient and highly effective solution for successful total body contouring.”

Moshe Lapidoth M.D.

MPH Dermatologist, Director of the Laser Unit,
Rabin Medical Center, Herzelia Pituach, Israel Vice President of the European Society for
Laser Dermatology (ESLD)

“Facial contouring is a fast growing sector in dermatology and medical aesthetics, and I believe Alma Lasers Accent Ultra V is one of leaders for this niche procedure. The combination of their proprietary Shear Waves and UniPolar technology is unique and promising”.

“In the past I used the EXCIMER laser for vitiligo and psoriasis with good clinical results. Now I use the handheld EXCIMER 308 system because it is much more convenient and gives me the same clinical results. “

“Treating patients with acne vulgaris using the unique Er:Glass 1540 laser supported with vacuum and cooling, proved to be effective- showing significant improvement with no side effects.”

KeeLee Tan, MD,

Rejuvenate Clinic, Perth, Western Australia

Harmony XL is an advanced protocol for skin rejuvenation. Used with the fractional, non-ablative Q-Switched laser and the fractional ablative iPixelEr laser, Laser360iQ is a simple to perform protocol that quickly and effectively turns back the clock on aged skin.”

“The industry has been exposed to many dual technology systems, with most of them failing. I look for proven immediate and long-term results, and ClearLift with HarmonyXL has given me those results.”

“Alma’s impedance matching technology delivers maximum RF energy to the tissue. Combined with unique depth control technology, the energy is concentrated in the sub-dermal area, leaving the epidermis preserved. It is safe and easy to use.”

Deborah Manjoney, M.D.

Director of Wisconsin MediSpa,
Wisconsin, USA

ClearLift provides exceptional results with no social downtime. Patients can immediately put on their makeup, and no one will know they had anything done.”

Janice Lima-Maribona, DO

Board Certified Dermatologist,
Miami, FL

Alma Lasers has provided endless combination treatments in my practice. The versatility of the product has allowed for all skin types to enjoy the benefits of laser and light rejuvenation. Alma offers cutting edge technology as well as extensive marketing support which has helped promote my practice in a very competitive environment in Miami. Alma is a solid company to have a business partnership with.”

Professor Liu,

9th Hospital, Shanghai, PRC

“In studies on the treatment of port-wine stains comparing the use of the pulsed dye-laser with
a new narrow-band 500-600 nm lamp (Dye-PL, Alma Lasers), the Dye-PL achieved greater clinical resultsin a shorter period of time, and resulted in less swelling and instances of purpura than the dye laser.”